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About Last Night: Parenthood

Posted By gtettey on Apr 13, 2011 at 2:35AM

The Braverman's are going through changes; some for better and some for worse. This week we focus on the two teenage daughters of the family who seem to be slipping away from their parents. Haddie took the next step in her relationship with Alex and now has to deal with the repercussions at home. Amber is still reeling from her college rejections and has chosen to take her life in a downward spiral. Let's break down the episode after the jump.

  • I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Amber has lost her mind! She is down right destructive. She's smoking and playing golf with Gary in the office when she's supposed to be working. Didn't she just promise Julia that she wouldn't do that again? Doesn't he have cars to valet? She's not only putting her image and job in jeopardy, but Julia's also. But she has the perfect solution for this problem. She quits, because she doesn't need money for school anymore. There is such a thing as rolling admission, but I guess they've never heard of that. Since cars and law firm offices are no longer readily available she hooks up in Zeek's office. (Gross!) But when Sarah calls her out on her behavior and the drugs, things just escalate. Amber storms out of the house pushing her mother, purposely, to the ground in the process. She takes off smoking and drinking with Gary and, no surprise, they get in a car accident (a la Callie and Arizona). Honestly, after all the preaching she did to her brother and Haddie about addictions, you would think she would act smarter.
  • OMG! Haddie sex dialed her parents! Embarrassingly disgusting! Good thing she'll never know. Kristina tries to deny the truth of what she heard, while Adam tries to hope that it was anything but sex even though he knows it was. Really, does that make it better? It might be grosser, in my opinion. Haddie comes home with a pretty good cover story, saying she was at the bookstore. She even has a book for Kristina and a iced coffee in tow. Kristina, however, decides to take the straight forward approach, which she's been all about lately, and ask Haddie if she and Alex are having sex. Too bad she wasn't quite prepared for the truth. Even though she said she covered everything, I beg to differ. That was not a conversation and no where in there did she say anything about birth control. That might come back to bite her in the butt. Although Kristina adjusts to the situation, Adam isn't having such a easy time with the news. He barely manages to look Haddie in the eye, which essentially shames her. (Shame on you, Adam.) Sarah has to put Adam in his place again, but pointing out that he's overreacting and that he should realize that he's lucky, in a way. (Oh, how the tables have turned) As tough as it was, their honesty turned out for the best and everything went back to normal. Max delivers one of the best lines of the night: "Haddie scored three times today and I've barely scored once." Awkward, but hilarious.
  • Who knew Crosby would turn into the home equivalent of a bridezilla? He is really working Joel's nerves with the home renovations, especially when Joel gets Aqua blue tiles for the kitchen instead of light blue. Crosby is really willing to give up any and everything for his last shot with Jasmine. He works tirelessly, and it shows, to get the house perfect for her. He just needs to work up the nerve to actually show her the house. Despite Julia's attempt to tell how bad Crosby's taking everything and how much he's grown, Jasmine still wants nothing to do with him romantically. (Side note: How cute is Sydney and Jabbar's handshake?)
  • It's been a while since we've seen Adam's office life and it was good to see another glimpse this week. It wasn't much, but I was wondering what was going on with the whole Corey situation. Looks like Adam is just going with the flow and trying to accept his new boss and all the changes, which now include a new shoe and Spider on the design team. Loved the classic Adam face as he watched Karen, or was it Kim, eat the lollipop.
  • I'm not quite sure when this happened, but Sarah is actually a grown up. Not that she wasn't before, but she just couldn't seem to get it together. Now she's giving good advice, mostly to Adam, and taking a more firm role in parenting and life. She gets her play read and accepted by a well-known producer, in spite of Gilliam. I really can't figure this guy out. It seems like he's a theatre outcast and that he may be hoping for Sarah's play to get him back into the industry. It's sad, though, that when Sarah's life is finally coming together, her daughter's is falling apart.


Next week is the season finale and I can't wait. Amber is in the hospital after the accident and Crosby finally approaches Jasmine. It's all on the line in the finale. I'm sad to see one of my favorite shows go so early and hoping it makes the return next season. Let me know your thoughts and predictions on this week's episode below.

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